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Owner Services

At YorGuest we provide services for holiday let owners in York. We make owning a holiday home a rewarding experience that you can enjoy by taking away all of the management difficulties that you may encounter.

Holiday let management

Our Holiday Home Management Services give you a choice of how involved you want us to be and how much you want to pay for these services.

We are also happy to talk to you about bespoke packages for your property.

We appreciate that all properties and portfolios are not the same. We’ve found that offering a tailored package ensures that all of your requirements are met.

Respite service

As well as full-time property management, YorGuest also offers property management respite services.

You may be perfectly happy to look after your properties yourself. How do you manage though when you want to go away for a holiday of your own? What if could do with a short break from booking guests in and being on call during their stay. The most obvious answer is to leave your properties vacant during these periods resulting in a disappointing loss of income.


As well as owning YorGuest and offering property management services to others, we have, and continue, to sit on the other side of the table. We have years of personal experience of investing in holiday lets in and around the centre of York. As many do, we fell foul of common pitfalls, and a few unexpected ones, in the early months while we were finding our feet. Since then we have enjoyed the many benefits of investing in highly successful holiday lets. If you are looking to invest in property to turn into short stay lettings, we can pass the benefits of our experiences, both good and bad, on to you.

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