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About us

Our Story

YorGuest provides property management services to holiday home owners in Yorkshire, making the experience rewarding and stress-free. The journey began when Lorraine was managing her own holiday homes between York and Warwickshire. At one point, she had 10 properties, and it became clear that she either needed to outsource the management or start her own management company. Given her passion for this industry, creating YorGuest was the natural choice.

Launching YorGuest during a world pandemic presented unexpected challenges, but it also reinforced our commitment to providing exceptional service. We fully understand the demands of owning and managing properties from our clients’ perspective because we’ve been there ourselves. Lorraine has personally managed her properties, handled the cleaning, and dealt with the day-to-day challenges. This hands-on experience gives us a deep appreciation for the hard work involved and a profound respect for our cleaning contractors.

We are proud to have many clients who joined us at our launch in 2020 and are still with us today. We’ve helped some of our owners grow from having a single property to managing a portfolio, supporting them every step of the way. The hardest part about holiday letting is the long hours and unpredictability. Lorraine recalls having birthday parties and holidays interrupted by issues like broken boilers or gas leaks. At YorGuest, we handle these problems on behalf of our owners, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of owning a holiday home without the headaches.

We ensure a seamless experience for our guests through excellent communication from booking to check-out. Our out-of-hours team is available for emergencies, and we offer various communication channels to ensure guests can always reach us. As a family-run business offering a personal service, we know our properties inside out and can answer guest questions from personal experience.

What sets YorGuest apart is our close-knit, family-run nature. We provide a personal touch, knowing our properties well and forming genuine friendships with our owners. We treat the properties we manage with the same care and attention as if they were our own they’re not just numbers to us. At YorGuest, each day brings new experiences, and we thrive on handling any challenges that come our way. Our team, including tradesmen, cleaners, and owners, works together harmoniously, creating one big, happy family.